Pull up a chair and join us for weekly conversations with experts on health topics that matter to you. From birth control to trauma, no topic is off limits and you never know who will pop by the pub next!



Ty hails from Jamestown, North Dakota. He was born with a camcorder in his hands and many dreams in his heart. After finally mastering the art of cooking Kraft Macaroni and Cheese to utter perfection, he set his sights on medical school. When not in the recording studio, he can be found with a Nintendo Switch in his hands.

Fast Facts:

  • Medical Doctor
  • DJ For Hire
  • Pokemon Master




Sky arrived on the earth scene in Savannah, Georgia. A natural entertainer, he spent his formative years streaming gaming sessions on Twitch. After a great many battles had been won, he hung up his controller and turned his sights to the Great Frozen North in his search for enlightenment. When not working the studio microphone, Sky can be found honing his lyrical skills over fresh beats.

Fast Facts:

  • Master of Public Health
  • Historian Extraordinaire
  • Hufflepuff
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